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Feb 22 2021
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Climate Ready Architecture, Resiliency and Green RoofsFlexibility and Wellbeing in the WorkplaceThe Micro-City, Circular Economy and Self-Sustaining CommunitiesSmart Cities, the Metaverse and Digital TwinsGingerbread masterplan, candy cane lane and seaweed shrubsFlexibility, Renewable Energy and our Duty to the PlanetReducing Embodied Carbon, Virtual Reality and Circular EconomySustainable Hotels, Technology and Post-Pandemic DesignsCLT, Green Terraces and BiodiversityLandscape, Climate and Healthy CommunitiesCSR, environmental stewardship, equity and inclusionAdaptive reuse, global designs and post-covid citiesSustainability, CLT and Carbon neutralityChallenges, trends and entriesWorld Build Trailer