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If you're looking for winners, you've found the right place. Fade hosts Big Cat, Pres, and Rico Bosco as they give you all their losing picks with extreme confidence. Weekly talk about bad beats, close misses, and skells. Rule number 1 of gambling, always bet the Over. Rule number 2, if a mascot dies the week of a big game, it's an automatic mortal lock.

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Our Editor's Take

Barstool Sports has become one of the most recognizable sports pages on the internet. The Barstool Pick Em podcast is an extension of the well-known company's brand. This podcast shares the company's successful style of mixing sports commentary with silly humor.

Barstool Pick Em deviates somewhat from some of the company's other podcasts. This show is a little more specialized and niche than some of the others Barstool Sports produces. Most of their podcasts offer outrageous general observations about sports as a whole. This podcast has one goal-to help people with their football picks for games each week.

Though the hosts discuss sportsbooks, it's important to know that Barstool Pick Em is only for fun. They make it clear that it is not financial advice of any kind. Even the podcast hosts would be likely to tell listeners not to bet on their picks. They're the first to say they don't have the best accuracy record.

However, this is the start of the fun with Barstool Pick Em. The hosts never claim to be the best sports predictors. But they have no problem sharing their picks with the audience. If it gets a laugh, the hosts are likely to say it, or do it, even when it's not flattering to them.

The hosts of Barstool Pick Em will likely be pretty familiar to longtime fans of Barstool Sports. Hosts Pres, Big Cat, and Rico Bosco have all been with the company for many years. As such, they have become popular among those who watch or listen to Barstool shows.

They all do a good job ensuring the show isn't pretentious or hard to follow. Barstool Pick Em mirrors the experience of spending time with a few friends. This podcast is fun both for those who are football fans and also those looking for a few laughs.

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