The Emotional Edge with Crystal Andrus Morrisette

Heal Past Wounds and Bring Joy Back

Jan 31 2019 • 54 mins

Have you wondered why you say one thing and your outer reality reflects something else? Have you also wondered why you know what to do, but cannot seem to follow through? Maybe you even wondered why you accept something other than what you say you want. Well Andrea did too! Until she discovered Crystal Andrus Morissette’s teachings and learned about the emotional age, everything made sense. In this episode, join Andrea as she talks to Crystal about her latest book, The Emotional Edge, her emotional age quiz featured on Oprah and women’s empowerment. Crystal is passionate and dedicated to empowering women worldwide. Her own journey is one of healing, health and ultimate self-empowerment. Get ready to be inspired and to remember you are an empowered woman!

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