Discover Your Archetype

Heal Past Wounds and Bring Joy Back

Jan 17 2019 • 39 mins

Do you feel like you act like a parent—rescuing and caretaking to the point that you’re emotionally depleted? Do you feel you act like a child—blaming, complaining and creating drama? Maybe you are someone who’s been betrayed and you’re afraid to speak up because you don’t believe you have a voice. Deep down you know that you deserve more, but you’re not exactly sure how to achieve it. In this episode you’ll identify your dominant Archetype when you’re not resonating in your feminine power. You’ll also find out why your Archetype is sometimes in charge and sabotaging your efforts in listening to what’s in your heart. Andrea will guide you to reconnect with your feminine power and help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are. If you are ready to make yourself a priority; love yourself unconditionally; get unstuck; change your current circumstance and believe that you matter! Get ready to discover your Archetype and reclaim your feminine power.

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