Laura Browne and Sean Dormer – Mastering a $2.4M Case Against State Farm in Federal Court

Colorado Trial Lawyer Connection

Aug 25 2023 • 59 mins

Two Question Verdict Form. $2.4 Million Verdict. Federal Court.

Tune in to Colorado Trial Lawyer Connection as Keith Fuicelli welcomes Denver Personal Injury Attorneys Laura Browne and Sean Dormer to the show. Laura and Sean discuss how they won $2.4 million for their client against State Farm after submitting a two question verdict form with zero elements stated about their claims.

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Episode Snapshot

  • Who are Laura Browne and Sean Dormer?
  • Procedural posture of their $2.4 million case against State Farm
  • Sean’s tactics during voir dire in this case
  • Laura’s opening statement for the case
  • Sean’s closing statement for the case
  • The reasons for using an IME doctor
  • Having the client’s family as witnesses
  • How they would argue impairment differently versus how they did in this case.

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