Jessica Schlatter, Paige Singleton, and Randy Manning–$19M Verdict on a Brain Bleed Case

Colorado Trial Lawyer Connection

Jul 5 2024 • 54 mins

A developmentally disabled man was injured when the car he was in was rear-ended by a delivery service partner company. He needed justice, and he got it.

In this episode of Colorado Trial Lawyer Connection, Jessica Schlatter, Paige Singleton, and Randy Manning of Ramos Law join host Keith Fuicelli to discuss a $19M verdict they recently obtained for their client in Denver District Court. Listen as Jessica, Paige, and Randy discuss how their client was diagnosed with a brain bleed within three hours of being involved in a rear-end collision, how they established medical causation at trial, and how a creative closing argument helped put the defense on the ropes and secure a huge win for their plaintiff. Jessica, Paige, and Randy also go in depth into the medical side of their client’s injuries.

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