Tim Galluzzi Interviews Kurt Zaner – ‘Nice Guy’ Wins $30M Verdict in Colorado Federal Court, Part 2

Colorado Trial Lawyer Connection

Jun 21 2024 • 1 hr 5 mins

Trial is adversarial. “Do what you want until you’re not allowed to do it.”

In part two of this special episode of Colorado Trial Lawyer Connection, host Keith Fuicelli is joined by guest host Tim Galluzzi, founding partner of Cheney Galluzzi & Howard, LLC to interview Kurt Zaner, founding partner of Zaner Harden Law LLP and owner of the largest premises liability verdict in Colorado history. Kurt, Tim, and Keith discuss the trial on Kurt’s fracking explosion case in federal court in Colorado that resulted in a $30M verdict.

Tune in as the trio discuss Kurt’s approach to doing voir dire in 30 minutes or less, the ‘Do Your Job’ theme Kurt used in his opening statement, his ‘butcher paper’ approach to creating persuasive courtroom visuals when you can’t create the perfect slide ahead of time, and more.

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