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Enjoy weight loss success by learning about what foods work best in your body and why and learning how to change your mindset to make the journey an easier one. Learn all this, and more, with this podcast, originally based on my trademarked Granny Keto Transitions Program. Join me, Miriam Hatoum, health coach, course creator and author of Conquer Cravings with Keto, as I give you actionable coaching advice with each episode that is sure to empower you by shaping a healthy mindset and by sharing with you eating lifestyle advice.

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Food Facts
Dec 14 2023
Food Facts
Episode #: 80.  Food FactsIt’s important to learn what food does in your body There are two types of hunger. True physical hunger is one of them. The other hunger is driven by what is in your head. There are definitely mechanics that trigger this head hunger. These could be habits or feelings such as anxiety, loneliness and anger. I have covered head and heart hunger just recently in Episode 77.In this episode I will be covering  the mechanics of physical hunger and what food has to do with the hormones that make you hungry.This week pay attention – even just one day – to what you are eating. My goal is to help you ultimately not need to do tracking. No need to track quantities but just take a moment to jot down what you eat in a day and then pay attention to what is going on in your body. You can mark down time and quantity if you want, but a skeleton list will be just as good. I want you to think about these questions – better yet, write your answers:§  Do you want more immediately?§  Do you start thinking about that food or other food soon after eating even though you are not hungry?§  Are you sleepy after eating?§  All of a sudden do you have cravings to eat a certain food?§  Do you have an urge to eat – anything – just to eat?§  Are you hungry for your next meal sooner than you normally would be?This episode will enlighten you if you answered YES to any of these questions.Get all my free guidesTake a look at three great new coursesJoin me on FacebookFollow me on InstagramCheck out PinterestAnd don't forget my book!