Habits, Cues, Triggers - How do they effect behavior in humans and dogs?

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Mar 29 2022 • 1 hr 30 mins

Does your dog run to the door when you pick up your car keys? Or run to the door with the sound of your partner's car pulling? Or jump off the couch when you click off the tv?

These are triggers that create habits - good habits!  But what about habits our dogs have that are not what we perceive as "good" or "wanted".  These habits lead to unwanted behavior, but mainstream dog training addresses these as "good vs bad behavior", using conditioning methods to change them, which can often fail.

Canine CBT views all behaviors as driven by emotional intelligence and a self-perceived need to do a behavior to achieve a goal. The behavior becomes a habit based on cognitive skills. To change that behavior, we must change perception.

My guest (or, more accurately, me as a guest on his podcast) , Ian Tolson, is an expert in habits - why we have them, how we can change them, and how they effect our behavior.  This episode unfolded from a chat intended to be an episode for Ian's podcast, and turned into a chat on how habits form behaviors, and how we change these behaviors by changing perception.

Is there much difference between humans and dogs in relation to cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, and behaviors stemming from these?  Find out in this off-the-cuff chat.

I follow this chat with exercises that change a dog's perception of you and your ability to calmly manage situations.

Enjoy Your Learning Journey!

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