Leash Walks - Dogs Love Them, And You Should, Too!

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Apr 26 2022 • 20 mins

Leash walks can be frustrating when dogs are pulling, putting on the brakes, or  lolly-gagging.  Should you be expected to continuously turn around, or simply allow your dog to sniff everything? Should you be expected to have decompression walks that are really only decompressing for your dog?

In this ep I talk about common recommendations, from continuously turning around, standing still, to allowing your dog to sniff and decide the direction (is this a technique?).  I talk about different apparatuses designed to prevent pulling, and discuss some pros and cons of some popular ones.

I make some suggestions of easy exercises to apply to gain greater focus (no, not treats or the look at me command), and provide suggestions as to how to apply these to your situation and daily life.

Leash walking is all about having the skills to communicate and provide calm, clear direction. Your dog's perception of you and the environment determines his or her behavior.

NOTE - this is not a training guide. The advice is to be adjusted to your needs and specific situation, and dog.

NOTE - for dogs over six months of age

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NOTE: This ep is not a step by step training guide. The suggestions are simply to introduce a new approach. The specific application varies. UPWARD Dogology or Billie are not responsible for the application of the exercises.