A Platform Exercise Revealed (Wahoo!); An Interview with Kerry Cooke of Spleash Your Leash; Are You Interested in Partaking in Cognitive Studies? Listen UP!; Do You Underestimate Your Dog's Intelligence?

Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology

Apr 27 2021 • 21 mins

This is THE episode where I reveal a platform exercise, and, well, it is pretty simple - all that is required is for your dog to enjoy going for a walk!

And speaking of, we have Kerry Cooke, creator of Spleash, as our featured guest talking about her hot product that will make your walks and hikes with your dog a safe and easy. Kerry is passionate about helping survivors of domestic abuse, which lead to the creation of her product. For more info, click on the link below.

I then talk about the 4 day conference I attended (virtual) held by the Comparative Cognitive Society (CO3). Are you interested in participating in cognitive studies on dogs - listen UP!

Here is the link to my interview on The Animal Innovations Show
Change Your Dog's Perspective to Change Their Behavior | UPWARD Dogology - YouTube

Thanks again to the Jeff Mertick Band of Regina, SK, Canada, and to Open Strum of New Brunswick, Canada for the great music!
The Jeff Mertick Band - YouTube
Open Strum

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