What is this Podcast all about and how is UPWARD Dogology changing the lives of dogs and people?

Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology

Apr 30 2020 • 3 mins

Welcome to UPWARD Dogology where I "Retrain Your Brain" and introduce you to the word of cognitive behavioural therapy for dogs over the age of 6 months.

As an industry distrUPtor for 34 years, you can expect this podcast to deliver information different from any other podcast. My approach to working with dogs has saved the lives of thousands of dogs and the sanity of hundreds of people each year.

Canine CBT is proven to decrease surrenders, increase successful adoptions, eliminate the need for aversive tools and methods, and decrease behavioral euthanasia.

Canine CBT is scientifically proven to effectively address behaviors common in dogs with checkered pasts, dogs in the adolescent stage, and behaviors associated with aggression and anxiety.

Canine CBT harnesses cognitive skills, increases our bond and communication, provides options, is creative, adaptable, and dogs love it!

This podcast dives deep into what Canine CBT is and how it is changing the world of dog training and rescue.  Learn how it is different from other methodologies, and thereby, allowing us to effectively work with all dogs of all backgrounds and personalities.

Start your learning journey here! Enjoy Your Learning Journey!

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