What Does It Mean to truly Understand Your Dog? "Talking With The Dogs" with Liz Murdoch; Feedback From Last Ep. Leash Walk Challenge; The Dangers of Pre-setting Training Goals

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May 25 2021 • 26 mins

This ep. is all about reading and understanding our dogs, respecting their needs, and adapting to their personalities and they grow and change.

Liz Murdoch is an animal communicator with a passion for helping people bond and understand their pet on a whole new level. This is a great chat full of surprising tidbits of info.

I follow this with three examples of feedback I received from the challenge from last month's ep. (inserting command based exercises on a leash walk that require your feet to move when the dog does not, and unteaching the Sit command). This leads to some surprising results for two dogs with different kinds of anxiety and one silly dog!

I then use a client example to show the benefits of providing dogs with options. By pre-determining the end goal, we often limit the ability for dogs to overcome fears and prevent ourselves from enjoying the company of our dog.  UPWARD Dogology allows us to provide skills to read the dog, adapt to individual dogs' personalities and progress as the dog progresses.

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