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Seniors STRAIGHT Talk, formerly Voices For Eldercare Advocacy, is rebranding with expanded content and topics. The podcast will continue to highlight the all-important relevant issues for seniors, their families, loved ones and the population at large, who ultimately are our future selves. Through informative and engaging conversations with thought leaders, professionals, and individuals who share their experiences, listeners will gain insights and information that will be meaningful for their everyday lives. Phyllis’ expertise captures the essence of the topic of the day and translates it into relevant discussion that provides insight into everyday problems. As we transition into elderhood, which Phyllis calls the third act of life, seniors are entitled to have a quality and fulfilling life with dignity, respect and purpose no matter the age, condition or living environment. Seniors STRAIGHT Talk is available to listen and download on all your favorite podcast platforms.

Change Our Attitude: Change The Culture: Openlygray.org
According to Matt Thornhill, When we as older adults change how we think, feel, and and act about getting older we can change the culture around aging. It's no secret that we live in an ageist society and whether we know it or not, contribute to perpetuating ageist attitudes. In doing so, we continue to perpetuate the last bastion of the isms...ageism. Central to the issue is that though we may feel lovingly about the older adults in our families or amongst our friends, as a society we don't feel the same way towards the older adults in our communities. They are not valued as they are in other cultures where elders are viewed with respect and sought out for their wisdom. How can we turn around these negative attitudes towards older adults? I agree with Matt Thornhill. We must embrace our elder hood years, embrace our longevity journey. This involves changing our mindset about how we see ourselves. I'm sure we can all identify words or phrases we have heard that reflect ageist attitudes. We see and hear them all around us but we probably don't realize the things we say or think about ourselves. Stigmatizing societal attitudes become internalized long before we reach the senior years of our lives. When we describe ourselves or refer to ourselves as old, we are merely reinforcing a stereotype. However, irrespective of a person's age, old can be thought of as a mind state or mindset. One way to counteract this mindset is by choosing to live an engaged life. This must be a purposeful and intentional choice, a choice to live every day to the highest potential or ability at any point in time. People who live in this way are not in denying the reality of the end of life, but rather realized that life is meant to be lived. We are the ship in our life’s journey. It is our attitude that is the driving force steering our ship. We have to remain intentional and mindful, caring for and tending to our attitude. If not, we allow ourselves to fall prey to the pitfalls of life, as with a ship that strays off course when encountering rough waters, we will drift into a kind of holding pattern letting the water and waves take us where they will. This is an act of surrendering. Embrace your elder hood years. Join the movement at: openlygray.org. For 40 years, Matt Thornhill has been studying consumer behavior and trends, first as an advertising executive on Madison Avenue, then as an interactive marketing pioneer and for the last 20 years as a futurist and the nation’s leading authority on Boomer consumers. He has advised companies and organizations across the globe, including Walmart, Google, AARP, Proctor & Gamble, Verizon, and the Social Security Administration, and he’s delivered memorable keynote addresses at national conferences and company events across dozens of industry sectors. Matt has provided commentary on NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, CNN, CNBC, and PBS. He’s appeared in articles in The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and countless magazines. A serial entrepreneur, Matt has left his think tank and consulting to create and build a new type of community of smaller homes for middle-income Boomers at this stage of life called: Cozy Home Community, which addresses the largely unmet need of affordable housing and community living that encourages social connections with neighbors helping neighbors. You can find more information about these communities at cozyhomecommunity.com. Matt has also launched the Openly Gray movement, a nonprofit fighting age discrimination by encouraging older adults themselves to change how they think, feel, and act about growing older. Change our attitude, change the culture around aging. Join the movement at: openlygray.org
May 6 2022
1 hr
Across the Country, Across Generations, Finding Similar Paths
Apr 22 2022
41 mins
You Don't Know How Good You Can FeelAre You Making Mindful Longevity Choices?X-Cellerate Your Health with Age Reversal Expert Simone Kvalheim
Can you reverse the aging process? What does that mean to you? Some would argue we should not be talking about reversing the aging process but rather find ways to protect and restore specific processes in the body that will allow us to live a full and healthful life with vitality and exuberance. Simone Kvalheim is steeped in information and knowledge about our body's building blocks and how they affect the aging process. She also can speak intelligently about how we can address those processes in order for the body to heal itself intelligently. She proclaims this in her upcoming book Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny. which comes from her knowledge as a neuro regenerative coach. Her passion and knowledge are captivating. She recounts her mother who lived a full and active life until her very last moment and credits that full, active life to lifestyle, attitude, and specific regimens. Some even argue that the entire concept of reversing the aging process is not possible. But Simone contends that with the right information and signals, the body has the ability to heal itself. If indeed that is the case, that would be consistent with healing the processes that affect aging. Whatever the body manifests, it has the capacity to heal. says Kvalheim. We all should be taking personal responsibility for our health. If there is a system that can contradict or dispute traditional methodologies about wellness and alternative systems of healthhcare, or as some would refer to it - sick care, I for one am in favor of shoring up my well being to the highest degree possible in order to continue aging healthfully and gracefully.
Mar 25 2022
47 mins
Dementia and Alzheimer Well-Being with Judy Cornish
The DAWN method, or Dementia and Alzheimer's Well-Being, is a true person centered approach to how we view, interact with, and care for people living with dementia. As the level of cognitive impairment increases, the person living with dementia experiences emotional distress that is often translated into the behavior we see and associate with dementia. In reality, there is no such thing as dementia related behaviors. The root cause is a response to a particular situation, a feeling of distress or increased confusion. Rather than looking at what is lost The DAWN Method looks at what is retained. The approach helps families and caregivers look at a person's strengths, understand how to communicate and interact based on those strengths, thereby creating a better interactive experience for both parties. Judy explains the unique strength based-approach of looking at a person with dementia which involves Intuitive Thought, Experiential Self and the Mindlessness Tools. Through her courses and certified trainings she works with families and caregivers to become dementia partners. This helps the person living with dementia live with dignity at their own pace and to find comfort in any positive memories they may retain. The tools learned in the DAWN Method ultimately restore the well-being of the person living with dementia. She believes the hope in dementia is how we provide care. Judy's calm, passion, and commitment to person's living with dementia, their families and caregivers is palpable.
Mar 18 2022
58 mins
Everyone Has a Right To Personalized Music
Feb 25 2022
46 mins
Add Value To Your Life At Any AgeThe Conscious Parenting Revolution - Improving Relationships
Feb 11 2022
47 mins
Business Minded Seniors: Protect Your Intellectual Property NOW!!
A dynamic, eye-opening conversation with Dr. Lydie. What may seem like boring law became fascinating!!!! Intellectual Property Law is deeply rooted in the history of our country. It dates back to the time the colonies secured independence from England, The founders wanted to ensure that their skill, innovation or creativity were free from English control. As a result, initially each colony, with the exception of Delaware, passed its own copyright law; each also had its own patent law. The discrepancies among the states rendered enforcement almost impossible. Therefore, the drafters of the Constitution wrote intellectual property into the document in order to have it fall under federal jurisdiction. It is so stated: To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries. - U.S. Const. Art. I, Sec. 8. What is the importance to Seniors, and especially to women? The reasons behind older adults starting their own businesses are many. Among them are: they've from their traditional job, are dissatisfied with the corporate world, they don't want to think of themselves as retiring, they lost their jobs due to society's misguided attitudes that older adults have outlived their usefulness in the youth driven workforce. it's worth noting that older entrepreneurs stay in business longer than younger ones. Within five years, 70 percent of businesses created by older entrepreneurs were still operating compared to 28 percent of their younger counterparts. This supports the fact that with age comes the experience, wisdom, personal and professional networks, and willingness to ask for help, all important factors in entrepreneurial success. Furthermore, as women we are prone to underestimating the value of our ideas and all too often, we share them or give them away without a thought. This has happened to me, has it happened to you? Find out how to take advantage of the protection creations that is afforded to you!!!
Feb 4 2022
1 hr 12 mins
The Magic of Intergenerational Living with Dr. Bill ThomasKeep Smiling Movement Inspired by Alzheimer's Disease
Smiling is known as the Universal Language. Smiles create connections between cultures and individuals. It is recognized and understood as a positive expression without a word ever spoken. Said best by the lyrics of the song When You're Smiling: When You're Smiling When you're Smiling The Whole World Smiles with You. Ken Rochon, President of The Umbrella Syndicate and Social Proof Celebrity Photographer, has made it his personal mission to capture smiles all over the world. Rochon photographed hundreds of people with “Keep Smiling” cards as an advocate for “The Keep Smiling Movement.” This nonprofit organization's primary mission a 501(c) (3), is to find the best smiles, the ones that radiate genuine love and acceptance. Rochon considers Barry Shore the founder of the “The Keep Smiling Movement,”. Shore became a quadriplegic after suffering from Guillain-Barré Syndrome. He credits a positive mindset for the ability to overcome his illness. He essentially used a smile as a means for overcome challenges. Ken Rochon had the opportunity to meet Barry Shore and at once recognized it was for a higher purpose and deeper meaning. From the moment Shore put a “Keep Smiling” card in Rochon’s hand, an established photographer and world traveler, it sparked the idea to distribute this heartfelt message globally by capturing photos, publishing books, and a global search for the World’s Most Beautiful Smiles! Rochon credits the caregiving journey with his mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease as the inspiration in his quest for life's deeper meaning. He believes he found it with The Keep Smiling Movement.
Jan 21 2022
52 mins
SHERO's: It's All About YOU!!!!
Jan 7 2022
47 mins
Is Alzheimer's Recovery Real?Say YES to Youth Engaging Seniors (YES)!! with Dr. Gary AltheimActive Pure Technology: Clean Air Solution to COVID PollutionInnovative Technology: Real  Time Transcription Voice Display
Problem awareness is the root of a problem's solution. So it is with Badger by Satellite Displays. Badger is the the world's first closed caption smart badge that converts speech-to-text in real-time with a translation capability in more than 50 languages. When Mike Williston's hearing impaired father was hospitalized medical professionals wearing masks restricted his ability to lip read and therefore he was unable to understand what was being communicated. This inspired the search for a solution. Mike Williston and Peter Sprague diligently worked together until Badger by Satellite Displays was born. The use and application of the real time transcription extends well beyond persons with limited hearing or total hearing loss. The translation capability can serve to ensure adequate communication between health care professionals, hospital patients and/or long term care residents who may have limited or no English capability. Furthermore, many professionals serving these populations originate from non English speaking countries. This oftentimes creates situations where each party is not fully understanding the other, especially problematic when it comes to a person's health and well-being. This scratches the surface of the situations where Badger by Satellite Displays can be the much needed solution to improve communication. Listen in to hear the variety of ways that Badger by Satellite Displays can help you, your friends and family. If you'd like to contribute to support this innovative technology please visit: https://www.startengine.com/satellite-displays
Nov 12 2021
47 mins
Correcting Conceptions About Adult Technology Capabilities
According to The Kauffman Index of Startup Activity.the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in the U.S. is among those 55 to 64 years. . Furthermore, statistics indicate that older adult entrepreneurs remain in business longer than their younger counterparts: i.e.,: within five years of beginning a business, 70% of those started by older adults remain operational, this as compared to 28% of those started by younger adults. Despite these statistics, many people have the misconception that older adults are incapable of learning technology, and specifically mastering the online marketing technology space. Austin Walsh has experience with people of all ages and can attest to the fact that age is not a predictor of a person's ability to learn or become proficient in the online space. These conceptions are steeped in ageism. Conversely, one might have the conception that a person of Austin's young age could not be as astute, well-spoken and insightful as he presents. This would be a gross misconception and reflects ageism at the other end of the spectrum. In fact, the result of a 2020 study conducted at the University of Toronto and Furman University reported that almost 50% of younger adults reported feeling the the effects of ageism in the workplace characterized by lack of respect and assumptions about their ability predicated on lack of life or professional experience. Austin Walsh defies those misconceptions. He is not only insightful but speaks with an ease and direct style that is compelling. This, along with his knowledge and expertise, translates into a winning combination for helping people easily understand what some might think is the daunting language of online technology. This is a talent and ability that cannot necessarily be taught, no matter anyone's age.
Nov 3 2021
45 mins
Bill Walsh on Capitalizing Your Entrepreneurial Dream
Oct 27 2021
40 mins
James Dentley: A Powerful Man, A Powerful Message Helping Others
We all know the value of helping others and giving back. James Dentley has achieved enormous success, but always remembers that basic tenet, the importance in stretching out your hand to help others in need. From the most humble beginnings in Chicago, his life is an inspirational story, but his message is equally inspirational. One could describe James Dentley as a gentle giant, a large man with a powerful message delivered with an easy going demeanor and a soothing voice. During the heart of COVID James recognized that seniors in his community were not only isolated and lonely, but hungry. Thus, he stretched out his hand and for an entire year provided food for those in need, doing so in the safest way possible. By taking away their food worries he helped alleviate the stress and worry that comes along with not knowing how you're going to maintain your nutritional well-being, a worry that can eat away at your insides. Thus, he not only fed their stomachs, but also their souls and their hearts. That is the heart of James Dentley's message. He carries that into his work with veterans, and Chicago's inner city youth. Bringing those in need and generations together. An example that we all need each other, bridging the generational divide, and showing us what is possible. James not only has the financial means but he understands that a simple smile can lift a person up in a way that can touch their heart and make a difference in their life. People can be starving in ways that go beyond food and we all have the tools inside of us to make a difference.
Oct 13 2021
49 mins