SHERO's: It's All About YOU!!!!

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Jan 7 2022 • 47 mins

What does it mean to be a SHERO? is it something any women can achieve? What does it take and how can you get there Today's busy women often comes in last when taking care of themselves. Pearl Chiarenza created Women Empowerment Living to help them prioritize themselves so that they find balance, peace and worthiness in their lives, essentially become the SHERO in their own life's story. Women who are caregivers at home or at work, CEOs of their households, the very foundation of their families, those desperately seeking to find work-life balance so they can stop the feeling they are drowning, deserve to find support and self-care strategies so they can become strong, resident, and fulfilled. Strategies for self-care can start simply with a smile and may end in a weekend retreat. But there are many other opportunities each and every day to find what we need to support ourselves and each other. Whatever stage of life or whatever your position, Pearl Chiarenza wants women to find the beauty they have in their heart and believes that they deserve the best of everything. She creates retreats and unique experiences where women can support each other because she believes when they do, incredible things happen. Important words to live by, quoting Dr. Greg S. Reid: The greatest success we'll know, is helping others succeed and grow. Contact Pearl Chiarenza at: www.WSLiving.com FB: https://m.facebook.com/womenssuccessfulliving/ Phone:813-448-3308