Say YES to Youth Engaging Seniors (YES)!! with Dr. Gary Altheim

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Dec 1 2021 • 48 mins

Inspired by his mother who has Alzheimer's Disease, Dr. Altheim found music to be the key to improving her relatedness and engagement. He combined that experience with an existing program known as Excel Growth and Development Services to create Youth Engaging Seniors (YES) an intergenerational program teaching you the path to connect with older adults through music, art, empathy, and general caring. Growth and Development Services (GDS) was created in 1996 to empower individuals and transform their lives by providing them with the motivation and means to discover and sustain purpose, pride and hope in themselves, their families and the community. GDS builds resilience by helping teens, adults, families and elders reach their potential. Their programs are designed to give each participant the attention, support and practical guidance needed to Excel. There are many videos at senior centers where youth engage with seniors living with dementia; bringing them music, joy and love. Dr Gary as he is affectionately called by the youth program participants, has developed a training program to teach youth empathy, social and career skills. Meet or talk with Dr. Gary and his passion and dedication is palpable. We need more like Gary who create innovative programs to bridge the generational divide in ways that not only engage but teach. BRAVO!!!!!