How Would You Feel if You Were Living an Unauthentic Life?

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Jul 22 2022 • 55 mins

J.R. Strayve, Jr. was born to a nomadic military family, attending nine schools before entering college. Following service in the United States Marine Corps, he raised a family. Jerry lived with a gnawing feeling inside that there was something different about him. Never knowing what that was, or why, he proceeded to pursue what was considered to be the American Dream. He achieved all he desired, or so he thought, marriage to a college sweetheart, children, a house with a picket fence. Along with the American Dream life, he describes caring for a daughter with disabilities who they were told would essentially be a vegetable and should be institutionalized. The family forged on together, their special needs daughter was special beyond her own personal limitations. In their special needs daughter, the Strayve family found a commitment that bound them together for thirty years. But through the years, Jerry's difference' that laid dormant inside him, needed to be set free. Jerry reveals the effect of denying who he was his entire life, the effect on him personally, psychologically and emotionally. When he finally acknowledged his identity the life he knew, and some of the people in it, and the relationships he cherished changed. He describes the challenges he's faced In search of pursuing a place in his new life. Jerry Strayve wears his heart on his sleeve, his openness and transparency is a testament to his bravery and courage to leave the life he always wanted to the life he desperately needed.