If You Believe You Can Do it, You Will!!!!!

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Oct 28 2022 • 54 mins

Jesse Fiedor's story is nothing short of miraculous an inspirational. Curing himself of an epilepsy so severe that he was given a prognosis of an early an untimely death, he went on to achieve his dream job, travelled the world, became a millionaire, wrote a book and is pursuing a feature film based on his life story. Living without purpose, a job, friends, education, or meaning he became suicidal. Ultimately this is a story about finding a faith, purpose, and will to live so strong that he cured himself of a crippling epilepsy. Jesse Fiedor is considered a medical miracle. I was proud to highlight his work on the NBC groundbreaking and iconic The Golden Girls particularly since I refer to it often. Golden Girls, a sitcom ahead of its time. NBC took a chance on a show celebrating single older women living together dealing with issues not often addressed on TV at that time. A topic that needs more attention to this day. The conversation during the second segment turned to his life, his miraculous cure from crippling epilepsy, his grit, unwavering determination, relentless spirit, in order to pursue his life long goals and dreams. Jesse's story inspired me as I hope it does you. I left the conversation feeling a renewed energy level and a mindset shift as I thought about the my own issues and challenges. It's a must listen for anyone who has disability or doubts, unfulfilled hopes or dreams.