James Dentley: A Powerful Man, A Powerful Message Helping Others

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Oct 13 2021 • 49 mins

We all know the value of helping others and giving back. James Dentley has achieved enormous success, but always remembers that basic tenet, the importance in stretching out your hand to help others in need. From the most humble beginnings in Chicago, his life is an inspirational story, but his message is equally inspirational. One could describe James Dentley as a gentle giant, a large man with a powerful message delivered with an easy going demeanor and a soothing voice. During the heart of COVID James recognized that seniors in his community were not only isolated and lonely, but hungry. Thus, he stretched out his hand and for an entire year provided food for those in need, doing so in the safest way possible. By taking away their food worries he helped alleviate the stress and worry that comes along with not knowing how you're going to maintain your nutritional well-being, a worry that can eat away at your insides. Thus, he not only fed their stomachs, but also their souls and their hearts. That is the heart of James Dentley's message. He carries that into his work with veterans, and Chicago's inner city youth. Bringing those in need and generations together. An example that we all need each other, bridging the generational divide, and showing us what is possible. James not only has the financial means but he understands that a simple smile can lift a person up in a way that can touch their heart and make a difference in their life. People can be starving in ways that go beyond food and we all have the tools inside of us to make a difference.