Are You Making Mindful Longevity Choices?

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Apr 1 2022 • 40 mins

After the early passing of her husband, Ruth Aborjaily realized that she held the key to her health and well-being in her own hands. She embarked on a journey of wellness through various forms of exercise, including Tabata, a protocol developed in Tokyo in 1996, a 4-minute interval workout 5 days/week for 6 weeks. The program first utilized with athletes, found that those who performed the program were able to consume more oxygen during exercise and experienced greater boosts in metabolism. Therefore, the question for each of us is can we make a conscious decision to find 4 minutes in a day for a program that will improve our oxygen intake during exercise and boost metabolism? Ruth Aborjaily believes it is our responsibility to do so so that we ensure we can live as healthfully as possible into our advanced years. Scientific achievements has the number of people living to advanced ages continuing to increase, Is it not then our responsibility to embrace that longevity journey in the fitest and healthiest way possible? She also believes that embracing a well-being journey allowed her to have the emotional, psychological and physical strength and fortitude to care for her mother who lived into her 90's. Mindful Longevity begins with self-awareness and making conscious choices. Harness your power to live mindfully. The place to begin is within. The time to begin is Now.