Is Alzheimer's Recovery Real?

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Dec 23 2021 • 49 mins

Simone Kvalheim is the Co- Founder of X-Cellerated Health, She champions the fight for Personal Health, Self-Care, and Longevity. Simone and her husband, Rick, have created protocols using cutting edge technology that empower the body to heal itself at a cellular level. I know that the body is a phenomenal piece of organic architecture comprised of sound and light waves, a bundle of frequencies tuned into the universe. Whatever the body manifests, the body has the capacity to heal, given the right information and signals. Her advocacy and work in Alzheimer's Disease is based on her experience with her father-in-law who received a diagnosis after an abrupt change in condition. Simone and her husband set out to find a solution. They developed X-Cellerated Health protocols which they claim combine with technology and bio hacks to help the body heal itself on a cellular level and thus, they believe can reverse aspects of Alzheimer's Disease. Thus, they strongly oppose the common pharmaceutical approaches to the disease. Simone and her husband, Rick Kvalheim, have a movement entitled Alzheimer’s Recovery is Real and a Facebook group by the name name.