What Does It Take to Become an Author?

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Aug 26 2022 • 56 mins

If you're anything like Jerry Strayve and have had a passion for telling stories, you have a book inside of you, likely more than one. Jerry regaled in telling stories to his children from the time they were young. As much as his young children enjoyed their father's colorful stories, Jerry found a joy in letting his imagination wander in order to weave these tales. He found that the stories which captaivated his children's attention fueled his own imagination. The more his children soaked up these tales, Jerry's thirst for telling them grew. In his adult years, Jerry came to the realization that his stories could be told in a way that could serve the common good. His characters could reflect his own journey but also provide a social commentary that could open up people's eyes to issues and points of view that they may have not previously considered. The stories and characters in Jerry's novels are both complicated and compelling. He's developed an audience that craves his stories just as his children did when they were young. Jerry's success as a novelist is a valauble lesson to us all. He encourages all of us to share our stories and experiences. It can enrich our own lives, serve as a legacy, but also enrich the lives of others.