The Magic of Intergenerational Living with Dr. Bill Thomas

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk

Jan 28 2022 • 35 mins

Dr. Thomas never ceases to be the consummate innovator. He combined the idyllic place Kallimos from his book Arms of Elders and his book Tribes of Eden with the small living homes he created called Minka homes, With Minka homes he's created Kallimos communities, where people can live in small pocket neighborhoods in a concept that promotes neighborliness. Kallimos communities are multi-ability and multigenerational, inclusive where people of all ages, traditional and single household families, live alongside each other in easily livable spaces where they support and help each other. Technological support is also available. Kallimos probably hearkens back to the communities that many of us recall. It binds us together, counteracts isolation and loneliness, and promotes community caring and sharing. The first community to break ground in August 2022 is called Magic, an apt name for the living experience that can be not only transformative, but also magical. Every conversation with Dr. Bill Thomas is an opportunity to hear innovative ideas about how we can continue to live our lives in the healthiest and most meaning possible way. Thought Leaders have said that when Dr. Thomas talks, they just listen. Ayman is proud to have the listeners of SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk hear from Dr. Thomas