From Chaos to Clarity: Navigating Life Transitions and Breaking Negative Habits

Diana Prince Lives Next Door

Nov 16 2023 • 22 mins

In this episode titled we have the pleasure of sitting down with the modern-day Diana Prince herself, Krystle George. As a licensed therapist, life coach, and well-being consultant, Krystle is all about helping her clients become the very best version of themselves. Her passion for promoting well-being and preventing burnout led her to establish her coaching business, the Mindful Vibe Wellness. In this episode, I dive into a lighthearted conversation with Krystle about breaking habits, specifically discussing the challenges of managing drinking habits during COVID-19 and life transitions. We explore the psychology behind habits, the importance of giving yourself grace, and practical tips for breaking and replacing unhealthy habits. If you're looking for guidance and inspiration to break free from detrimental habits, tune in to this insightful episode featuring Krystle George.

To learn more about Krystle and The Mindful Vibe Wellness, visit her website: