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Dubai is known for the land of opportunity where a wide range of cultures and nationalities live. Each episode co hosts Annie and Hollie meet with a resident of Dubai to find out their story and get the lowdown on why they live in the sandpit. Tune in for a variety of different stories and meet those who live in this beautiful city a lot of us call home. Find us on socials: Instagram: @the_podxb Tik Tok: @the_podxb Or drop us an email if you would like to be featured or would just like to reach out to us at read less
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#6 The Expat Teacher
Feb 6 2023
#6 The Expat Teacher
Thomas is a Primary School Teacher who is passionate about helping others. He inspires busy educators to teach, travel and triumph through a range of helpful blogs, videos, tips and tutorials on his YouTube and Tiktok platforms, which have been viewed by millions of teachers and pupils worldwide.He is keen to share an honest reflection of being a teacher in an unpredictable educational landscape, the lessons he has learned, and best practices to future-proof education to provide children with the best opportunities in the future.During this episode of the People of Dubai Podcast, he gives us an insider look into his daily schedule which starts at 5:15AM every working day, how his heart belongs to his mission of empowering his students through education, and how his personal life has upgraded since he's moved to Dubai.0:00 Intro1:34 How Thomas residence building caught fire8:37 How Thomas moved to Dubai12:28 UK vs Dubai 21:10 What does Thomas do outside of school?24:03 Teach Travel Triumph 26:02 Thomas loves travelling28:01 How Thomas met his Fiancee30:50 Thomas and his usual weekends32:32 What’s 2023 got in store? 33:29 AI in the school system 37:27 Travels in 202338:18 Advice to younger self39:22 Conclusion Enjoy the episode, and give us a like and a subscribe if you enjoyed this conversation! You can reach out to us on or follow us on socials at: the_podxb or watch the full episode on you tube by searching for 'The People of Dubai Podcast'