Gary Gripes

Gary Crow

Gary Gripes is not for whiners or complainers. Actually, whining and complaining are among my most annoying gripes. If you have a gripe, please just Stand Up, Speak Up, Shut Up and Sit Down.Don’t whine and dilly dally. Just say what’s got your shorts in a twist and stop. Even better, say what you have to say and then be brief and clear about what you think should change and how. Whether I agree or not, I will get it, I understand your gripe.Gary Gripes is my place to gripe and yours too, if you want to Stand Up, Speak Up, Shut Up and Sit down. Just send your gripe to If I don’t think it is way too outrageous, I will copy and paste it into a post on for scanning the pitch. I hope you stick around for my version of the gripe game.