MVP: The Journey of Service Women's Advancement Network Gala with Summer Marie and Eren Holden

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Mar 20 2024 • 42 mins

You ever meet someone, and their story just inspires you to push past your doubts and go for it? That's the energy that Summer and Eren bring to our conversation today. Summer, a Captain in the US Army Reserve, singer, writer, model and a financial planner, teams up with Eren, co-founder of The Middle LA, to curate meaningful connections and events that empower and inspire women in the military and women veterans.  We explore their journey, their challenges, and the upcoming Service Women Advancement Network (SWAN) Gala event that serves as a testament to the power of women's collaboration.

As we connect with Summer, we learn about her journey as an Army officer and the experiences of other military women. She shares how she found the courage and time to chase her dreams and how she's been relentlessly working on becoming the best version of herself. We explore the power of accountability partners and the importance of learning from those around us.

We then shift gears to focus on the upcoming event by Summer and Eren. They highlight the importance of building a brand with credibility, one that can attract sponsors and investors. This conversation also underscores the relevance of transparency in their operations. We wrap up with a look at the vision for Swan Society, a space that champions inclusivity and strong connections among service women of all backgrounds. Tune in and learn how you can be part of this celebration of women empowerment and collaboration.

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