the return of Guest, Matthew Maniglia (Hockey Head Coach)


Sep 2 2022 • 1 hr 47 mins


Jamal Harrington, Co-Host

Marianne Reilly, Co-Host(absent)

Cousin Todd Sellers, Co-Host, Tech Guy

Guest, Matthew Maniglia (Hockey Head Coach)

Topic Outline

  1. New Podcast Platform Announcement
    iHeartRadio, Sirius XM Radio(soon on sirius)
  2. Question. What fictional sci-fi technology do you wish existed?
    We discuss
  3. Matthew Maniglia, A Hockey Head Coach Journey
    Matthew talks about getting the job.
  4. Ohio Man Stung By 20,000 Bees And Swallowed 30
  • Austin Bellamy, 20, climbed a lemon tree on Aug. 27 to help a friend trim its branches before he accidentally cut into a bee nest.
  • "He was just covered in bees," witness told WCPO-TV. "Screaming and yelling, crying for help."
  • The fire department said paramedics transported Bellamy by medical helicopter to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. There, his mother said via the online fundraiser, doctors learned that in addition to being stung by thousands of bees, he had also ingested about 30 bees.
  • His mother reported the fire department told her the bees were African killer bees.
  1. Garbage People
    Jamal reads this week's list.
  2. Top 10 List
  • Actors who have never been nominated for Oscar.
  • Jamal reads his list.
  1. Shows We Are Binge Watching