Episode #10 Council Of Fifty, Law Of Consecration, & United Order With Sean Anderson & Michael Ness

The Mormon Renegade Podcast

Jun 4 2022 • 2 hrs 42 mins

On this episode of the podcast I have a conversation with Sean Anderson & Michael Ness. This is an epic conversation. Not only do we cover Sean’s journey into Mormon Fundamentalism but we go into depth on the Council of Fifty. We cover what the council was, what its purpose was and dispel some common misconceptions about the council. Finally we debunk a new idea gaining ground with young Mormons that the Law of Consecration & United Order is simply socialism with a religious bent. We do this by digging into the scriptures and seeing what the Lord has to say about the Law of Consecration and United Order then we do an A-B comparison of Law Of Consecration vs. Socialism. Buckle up for an epic conversation on this episode.

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