Fast Tracking Your Career Through Your Network

Career Caffeine

Apr 27 2022 • 32 mins

This episode features one of the best networking partners that I ever had in my career, Susan Collins. If the idea of networking sounds more like an overwhelming and intimidating task to add to your to do list, do yourself a favor and tune in to hear about how you can fast track your career through your network. (spoiler alert, it’s not hard)

Susan Collins spent over 20 years in HR with a front-row seat, watching professionals search for their place in organizations. After watching thousands of careers rise and fall, she left Corporate America to provide an unbiased sounding board for leaders navigating their next steps while aligning personal and professional desires. She now supports leaders eager to clarify their goals, achieve their objectives, and unlock their potential. For additional information about Susan, visit Need to get more diligent about networking? Start by downloading “9 wildly obvious networks you should be cultivating”: