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Ditch Financial Anxiety & Build Your Wealth
Apr 20 2022
Ditch Financial Anxiety & Build Your Wealth
If you cringe at the thought of financial planning & shove all of our financial documents into a corner until you are forced to take a look at them once a year when you have to do your taxes, you are not alone!Forget about your Dad’s financial planner with the bowtie and leather briefcase armed with calculator in hand peering at you from behind his glasses resting at the end of his nose. Financial planning does not need to be intimidating, in fact, it can even be FUN!Today’s episode features special guest Meg Trucano, Ph.D. founder and CEO of Refi Your Mind, LLC  financial coaching practice for women. Using the psychology of motivation, Meg teaches women to ditch the money drama and fix their finances by equipping them with the tools, habits, and thought patterns that they need to thrive in their own lives.On today’s episode Meg takes all of the fear and anxiety you may have around money starting with forgiving yourself for past money mistakes!We also explore the “power of yet” a very powerful mindset tool that shifts your thinking from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, just by using one simple 3 letter word.You can find Meg on her website (Instagram)Facebook: Refi Your MindOr, better yet, email me at to set up a free 30 minute exploration call to see if Refi Your Mind would be a good fit for yourefiyourmind.comClarification or Update: In addition to the states mentioned in this episode there are many others who also have financial literacy requirements on the books.Click to learn more about the financial literacy by