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Deep Blue Sleep Meditation with Whale Song
Jun 15 2022
Deep Blue Sleep Meditation with Whale Song
Enjoy a longer version of this session with Tracks To Relax Premium! Learn more at www.TracksToRelax.comImagine yourself scuba diving in crystal clear turquoise waters. You're floating along, neutrally buoyant and you can hear your rhythmic slow breathing, followed by the bubbles that leave your regulator and float towards the surface above. It's that time of year when the whales are here and as you float along towards the drop off, in the cobalt waters ahead you can see the shadows of whales in the distance. Their song fills the ocean around you and because this is all happening in your imagination like a wonderful dream, you relax more and more deeply until you drift off into a deep restful sleep.Special thanks to Christopher Lloyd Clarke for providing the wonderful background music for this session, explore his music at www.EnlightenedAudio.comWe all need someone to talk to from time to time, but many of us put it off until things get overwhelming. Better Help online counselling can match you with a professional certified therapist in under 48 hours and you can communicate with your therapist your way, through email, live chat, telephone or video call (so you never have to be on camera if you don't want to). Better Help is less expensive than in person therapy, so there's no reason to delay. Get started and save 10% on your first month by visiting See for privacy and opt-out information.