Roberta Mike: Georgia and Mentoring On My Mind

Deconstructing Comp

Oct 13 2023 • 39 mins

Come along with Yvonne and Rafael and get to know Roberta Serena Mike, Field Claim Adjuster for Strategic Comp in Georgia!

As you will learn, Roberta has spent her entire career in the insurance industry. She started with The Travelers and liked workers' compensation early on.

In this episode, Roberta shares with us the twists and turns of her career.  She talks about leaving Garden City, New York, moving to Georgia, and how she built a name for herself with a solid reputation that had several companies seeking her out for the good work she does.

We normally try not to "date" the recording of our episodes, but we were very close to August 17, "workers' compensation adjuster day!" So want to take moment and say "THANK YOU!" to all the wonderful workers' comp adjusters out there.

Roberta started a Facebook group called "Workers' Compensation Career Mentorship Group." At the time of recording just a few short weeks ago, she mentioned she had 700 followers, but today she has over 1,000 (and growing)!

Check it out here:

And check out Roberta's "Nikon Bert" photography page:

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