Sales with EASE and zero SLEAZE. Guest episode with Harriet Mellor from Your Sales Co.

Hiring Advantage

Jan 25 2023 • 37 mins

This week I have the incredible Harriet Mellor on the Hiring Advantage podcast. Harrier is a Sales Transformation Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Big-Picture Consultant and CEO of Your Sales Co.

Harriet has spent 15+ years in cooperate sales and now focuses on helping businesses to unlock their full sales potential.

In this episode we talk through:

  • What are the common mindset blocks that come up when we hear the word sales
  • Selling doesn't need to be icky, get your processes right and build meaningful relationships
  • How Marketing and Sales work (or should!) work together
  • Where sales fit into your hiring and recruitment process
  • Signs you might be ready to hire a Sales Specialist and how to attract them

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