20 years in business, pandemic PIVOTS πŸ‘“ and true TEAMWORK πŸ™Œ with Lala Macnab

Hiring Advantage

Feb 8 2023 β€’ 28 mins

I couldn't have called in a more perfect guest for today's episode. Lala is an OG of small business and knows what it takes to adapt, survive and thrive. Lala is the founder of multiple businesses which include: Paper and Ink Studios, The Creative Republic and @lalaforbusiness.

In this episode we dig into:

  • Where it all started for Lala and what drives her
  • What lessons Lala took from the pandemic and how it allowed her to launch a new business
  • How to balance creative energy with business strategy
  • The secret to finding the yin to your yang plus balancing and retaining the perfect team
  • What here biggest piece of advice is for new business leaders

Want to find out more about working for Lala?

You can connect with Lala on Instagram @lalaforbusiness.

And visit her website HERE.

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