STOP making these 5 mistakes when advertising your roles ✋Do this instead...

Hiring Advantage

Feb 1 2023 • 21 mins

Newsflash. If you are going to grow your team, you are likely going to have to advertise your roles. I spend a lot of time looking at other businesses' Job Adverts; they are often DULL AF! I'm not reading on and I'm sure as heck not spending my time applying.

In this solo episode I am going to give 5 easily implementable solutions to help write winning job adverts:

  • A job advert needs to be super attractive - hacks to make this easy
  • How to inform of a vacancy and get it in front of the best applicants
  • Boring and generic 'About You' job sections are out, let's make this fun and get the applicants excited
  • Your adverts will jump out if they seem personal and are talking to your ideal applicant
  • Hiring is a 2-way street; you also need to describe what is fantastic about working for your company

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