Wiki Woman: Vandana Shiva

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Sep 18 2019 • 3 mins

Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author.[2]

She’s based in Delhi,

Vandana has authored more than twenty books.[3]

Her latest book published 2013 is Making Peace With The Earth

I am going to share some of Vandana’s accomplishments chronologically:

In 1978, she completed her PhD in philosophy at the University of Western Ontario,[10]

The focus was the philosophy of physics.

Her dissertation was titled "Hidden variables and locality in quantum theory" in which she discussed the mathematical and philosophical implications of hidden variable theories that fall outside of the purview of Bell's theorem.[11]

In 1982, she founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology.[12]

This led to the creation of Navdanya

Navdanya is a national movement to protect the diversity and integrity of living resources, especially native seed, the promotion of organic farming and fair trade.

And today, Shiva is still seen as playing a major role in the global Ecofeminist movement. Shiva suggests that a more sustainable and productive approach to agriculture can be achieved through reinstating the system of farming in India that’s more centered on engaging women.

Here is one of my favorite Vandana quotes:
“You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you.”

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