Being Pro Life

Bob Wurzelbacher

Beginning September 2019, this monthly podcast series goes weekly, every Tuesday! Still monthly topics, but weekly interviews with different people. We cover varying topics that fall under the category of respecting human life. This includes topics related to abortion, assisted suicide, religious freedom, capital punishment, immigration and persons with disabilities. Each episode features an interview with someone personally affected by the issue and a call to action on how to get involved.
Abortion and the Great Work of Pregnancy Care CentersThe Dangers of Assisted SuicideImmigration and the Plight of Undocumented Adults Brought to the US as ChildrenProject Rachel and Post-Abortion MinistrySex Trafficking and Manipulation in the United States TodayRacism:  An Issue of Human DignityPregnancy Loss is a Real LossAutism: The Invisible DisorderConscience Protection and Religious FreedomCapital Punishment: Is it Just?  Part 1Capital Punishment: Is it Just?  Part 2 (revised)Welcoming the Deaf in Our Parish CommunitiesWelcoming the Blind in Our Parish CommunitiesAbortion Pill Reversal Part 1: Dr. George DelgadoAbortion Pill Reversal Part 2: Sarah's StoryAbortion Pill Reversal Part 3: Rebekah's StoryAbortion Pill Reversal Part 4: Dr. Ann Moell of Women's Centers of OhioBeing Pro Life:  Domestic Violence Part 1: Dr. Sharon O'BrienBeing Pro Life:  Domestic Violence Part 2: Gloria SheppardBeing Pro Life:  Domestic Violence Part 3: Carol Owens