Blockchain for charities?

Onchain Medley

Apr 14 2022 • 53 mins

In this episode, Laide chats with Tim Rich about how blockchain can be used to facilitate the charity ecosystem. Tim is the Co-founder, Chief Data Officer, & Cryptoeconomic Design Lead for Blockchange.

Blockchange is a social innovation platform that combines cryptocurrency, NFTs and gamification to create an efficient, transparent and regenerative charitable donation ecosystem.

Tim is also a sociologist and Historian as is evident throughout this episode. He shares his insights on blockchain as a creative medium, provides some interesting analogies, and also discusses how blockchain can be a net good for society when it's all said and done.

Topics & Timeline

  • 2:25 - Mashiat's background & interest in Web3/Blockchain
  • 1:57 - Tim's background & interest in blockchain
  • 5:11 - Blockchain as a medium for social & economic forces
  • 8:10 - NFTs, Blockchain & the monetization of culture
  • 18:27 - Why Charities & NGOs need to get involved in blockchain
  • 22:52 - How Blockchange facilitates fundraising for charities & NGOs
  • 28:23 - Developing countries & donation transparency
  • 33:25 - How society typically responds to technological shifts
  • 38:28 - Creative evolution & cultural credibility with blockchain
  • 51:11 - What's next for Blockchange

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