Mindful Entrepreneur Intro

Mindful Entrepreneur

Apr 13 2021 • 23 mins

This is the first episode.

I am a Mindful Entrepreneur
and that means...

I intentionally create my business to power my life

I do the brain work that automagically leads to success

I seek new perspectives, embrace failures with curiosity

I commit to the person I am becoming

I mentor and am mentored

I create programs of reciprocity that allow me to give generously

I focus forward and spiral upward

I hold boundaries on my time and activities

I am master of my thoughts and my emotions

I am compassionate to others and to myself

I honour my unique strengths

I easily reach out in collaboration to create things bigger than me

I ask for help

I have a bias toward action

My environment is engineered on principles of excellence

I experience my life rather than just think about it

I am fully present in the moment while going somewhere inspiring

Email cher@mindfulentrepreneur.ca with comments or ideas or about being a guest. I chat on LinkedIn - so do reach out to me there and tell me you found me through my podcast.

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