Mastering the Art of Floral Paint w/ Gretchen Sell

How We Bloom

Feb 14 2022 • 46 mins

Are you "Mastering the Art of Floral Paint" in this time of flower shortages, painted foliage trends and on-trend metallics? We see the different types of paint (aka color spray) products on shelves in wholesale supply departments.  Do you know how each is best used?

In this podcast, we explore the latest tips and techniques for using color spray with flowers by asking the master. Design Master. Education and Creative Director Gretchen Sell of DM joins us to answer our questions.

  • Is color spray harmful to fresh flowers?
  • Do you paint a vase the same way you spray flowers?
  • What is the difference between Just for Flowers and Color Tool Spray?
  • How economical is the use of Design Master?
  • What color trends do you forecast for 2023?

Join us for Gretchen's professional tips and techniques that can save you time and money!
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