Transcendental Kink


Transcendental Kink is a series of conversations and solo episodes exploring reflection and growth through kink practice.This podcast is for everyone who wants to experience life more fully, see the whole spectrum of colour rather than just shades of grey and actively living instead of just passing time. #bdsm #kink #spirituality #transcendence #subspace #topspace#polyamory And as always if you have an idea, a story, a comment or anything else, please get in touch, I’d love to have you on the show!
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Nov 17 2021
19 mins
ChoicesFlyguy - big strides in difficult timesSocial consequences of personal developmentpup-schismLists and planningMzSugarSpice from Tea for two DominasDani from PM LeatherThe green eyed 'monster'?Exacting1 - one of the ladies from Tea for two DominasCam_E_LeonConnection and disconnectionWelcome to season 2 - Ethical non-monogamyGeminidark - aftercare for the top?Goddess Obsidian - an artist of her own space!Burlyman - a different kind of primalDifficult emotionsMy spaceGuilty freedomJacqui - Becoming publicMoonstone - Physical ordeal for connection and growth