55. Ecclesiastes | Week 1 | Discover the Word Podcast | Presented by Our Daily Bread Ministries

Discover the Word Podcast

May 15 2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

We often don't know what our expectations are until they go unmet. And then suddenly, we discover that the things we put our hope in can't help us, satisfy us, or make us happy. George Bernanos once said, "In order to be prepared to hope in what does not deceive, we must first lose hope in everything that deceives." This is what the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes is all about. The wise teacher brings attention to many of our expectations and false hopes, and systematically crushes any confidence we have in what we think could make life worth living. But, actually, this is good news! By discovering our false hopes, we can discover true life and purpose in Jesus.

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