The Flockers

Peter McCarthy

This is a new podcast which focuses on the Australian and New Zealand Bird Management Industry. Each weekly episode will discuss the impacts of pest birds, behavioural traits, management strategies, minimising conducive elements that encourage pest birds and creating a starting point to reduce the issue. We will also be conducting regular interviews with professional bird managers, equipment manufactures, researchers and scientist, members of the animal ethics community and legislators. Our presenter is Peter McCarthy. Peter has been a member of the pest management industry since completing university in the late 1980’s. He began introducing bird management products, systems and training in Australia from 1994. As an innovator, he has introduced new systems in visual deterrents, electrified systems, electronic avian sensors and the latest developments in electromagnetic and ducted ozone technology. Peter remains a director of PestIT, a leader in Australian bird management and a founding admin on the Australian Pest Management Network, Australia’s largest Facebook group for our industry. We hope you join us on our journey with The Flockers! read less
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