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You Already Have It!
5d ago
24 mins
You Already Have It!Will You Just Decide!Expect the UnexpectedWoulda, Shoulda, CouldaThe Lid is OffDecide and He Will ProvideShould You Feel Good About Yourself?Defeating The Critical SpiritAnointing or Truth? What Makes Us Free?Positive Thinking Vs. Biblical OptimismWhy I Make Declarations Part 3Why I Make Declarations Part 2298- 4 Habits of History Makers297 - Go...Doubting Nothing296 - It is Rarely Convenient To Do This295 - When You Feel Like Quitting294 - 4 Life Changing Beliefs293 - That’s It! That’s the Stronghold!292 – 6 Enemies to Good Decision Making291 – 7 Prophetic Insights for 2022