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Welcome to ‘The Last Laugh’: Real conversations with really funny people. Every Wednesday, The Daily Beast’s Matt Wilstein interviews some of the biggest names in comedy—as well as the new voices crashing the party—about what it’s like to make people laugh during this current cultural and political moment.

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Our Editor's Take

Comedians get on stage and share their jokes with audiences all the time. But how often do they share their stories in public conversations? On The Last Laugh podcast, they do that every week. Host Matt Wilstein invites today's funniest comics to discuss what makes people laugh. They share plenty of laughter along the way.

Podcast host Matt knows how to bring the best out of his guests. He writes for The Daily Beast on late-night comedy, culture, and politics. On The Last Laugh, he inspires guests to share how they view the world. Their comedic and political views can be surprising but always entertaining. His discussion with Patton Oswalt ranges from serious to uproarious. They discuss his movie about a catfishing dad. Other topics include Elon Musk and that blue checkmark on Instagram. When Vir Das comes on the podcast, he reveals the most challenging life experiences as a comic. He had no idea his 2021 "Two Indias" video would cause such controversy. Why did people start calling him a terrorist? How did comedy help him recover?

Other podcast guests include Fortune Feimster, Sherri Shepherd, and Sam Jay. Sherri talks about the women who opened the way for female daytime talk show hosts. Her stories about doing stand-up with the Wayans brothers will keep listeners chuckling. In one episode of The Last Laugh, Sarah Silverman addresses controversial topics. She discusses Louis CK and Al Franken's sexual harassment scandals. What does it mean for politics and comedy? Sarah tells Matt about the highs and lows of her career, like Hulu canceling I Love You, America. She might disclose more than she should. But that's what makes the podcast so great.

Matt analyzes the most hysterical performances of the year in a special podcast episode. Comedy fans may love hearing from each guest and learning what to watch next. Listeners can learn about their favorite comedians and how politics impacts what's funny. The Last Laugh promises a great time to comedy lovers everywhere.

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Mike Birbiglia Returns: Comedy, Truth and ‘The Old Man and the Pool’
Nov 22 2023
Mike Birbiglia Returns: Comedy, Truth and ‘The Old Man and the Pool’
When a special arrives on Netflix in its finished form, viewers don’t typically get to see all of the excruciating work that went into making it a polished piece. But for anyone who has been listening to Birbiglia’s Working It Out podcast over the past couple of years, it’s all there. “I was doing it privately,” he says on this week’s episode of The Last Laugh podcast. “I feel like it’s something that’s kind of unspoken about stand-up, that for the most part, we are in communities of comedians who kick around joke tags: ‘Hey, what if you did this with it?’ And ‘I have a similar story about this, and you know you could use that if you want to,’ or whatever it is. And we kind of just put it out there with audio rolling.” In his second appearance on The Last Laugh, Birbiglia talks about how this process helped shape his latest Broadway show-turned-Netflix special ‘The Old Man and the Pool,’ shares his thoughtful response to the “emotional truth” controversy that came for his friend and fellow comic Hasan Minhaj, breaks down how he handles criticism of his own work, and a lot more. Follow Mike Birbiglia on Twitter @birbigs and Instagram @birbigsFollow Matt Wilstein on Threads @mattwilsteinFollow The Last Laugh on Instagram @lastlaughpod and Threads @lastlaughpodHighlights from this episode and others at The Daily Beast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.