Freedom Not Control

Nov 24 2020 • 1 hr

This weeks episode Justin will be joined by a very special guest Gareth Icke. Gareth Icke is a Singer/songwriter, Author, Presenter, activist and for England International beach soccer player from Derbyshire, England. Gareth is also the son of the famous David Icke who was Justin's first guest on episode 1-Take Back your Freedom. Like Justin Gareth is an avid truther and activist exposing the blatant lies and propaganda of the mainstream media throughout 2020. Over the past few months Gareth has hosted massive freedom rallies in England and throughout the U.K. with millions of people attending to protest the unjust lockdowns. On todays show Justin and Gareth who have become good friends, will inform viewers about the real reason of Covid-19 which is the Great Reset . As well as how the Mainstream Media is real enemy of the people and the biggest asset to furthering the Cabal (Deep State) Agenda. Most Importantly how people all over the world are uniting together to stop it.