Episode 82: Tropical Fruits: Live, January 1st 2020

Joelby's vocal house!

Dec 31 2020 • 2 hrs 51 mins

Of all the live sets I have ever played, this is by far the one I have been asked to upload the most. A 3 hour journey of non-stop club anthems, this is one of my favourite live sets ever, so exactly one year since playing at the incredible Tropical Fruits 2019/2020, I'm finally giving in and am sharing my recovery party headline set.

After losing all my USB memory drives with the hours of new songs I planned to play only a few hours before my set, I had to play to the crowd while basing things around my ideal Mardi Gras party set list. I had no idea that a few days later I would be invited to play at Mardi Gras party, so there are clearly duplicates between the two setlists.

Even so, this serves as a perfect bookend to 2020 along with episode 81 - Retrospective, the best of 2020.

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