Agantuk (आगंतुक)

दहशत: हर "सच्ची" कहानी "अच्छी" नहीं होती… पर ज़िंदा रहने के लिए, 'सुनना ज़रूरी है'. खौफनाक और दहशतज़दा किस्से, कहानियाँ और खबरों का कोष…!!! P.S. - DMCA Copyright All my posts (for incidents, stories, narrations and anecdotes in the form of voice-over) are free available on internet as news article/announcement/news flash/newscast/press release/bulletin/disclosure/revelation/gossip/rumor/tittle-tattle by somebody else and I am not violating any copyright law as I am just providing voice-over to such news incidents. If anything is against LAW, please notify me so that it can be removed within 24 hours, please email me (ravilights@gmail.com) immediately and I will delete it ! read less