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Parts Department

Nov 14 2023 • 49 mins

In this episode of Parts Department, Jem and Justin discuss failed products, ongoing improvements in 3D printing, hiring new staff, making progress on workflow systems, using AI to analyse business data, the growth of configurable CAD, and getting coworkers onboard with QR codes.

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  • Products that didn't do well that you love
  • That desk²
  • Whiteboard
  • Feel like keep making partial or temporary tools / fixes
  • One True Source (GD, FD, AT)
  • Source of Product info / Design files
  • Airtable, Shopify, Veeqo, Linear
  • Podcast recommendation - Heavyweight
  • Vividworks Update
  • Ask for email after N build time
  • Rhino fever continues
  • Rhino 8 live
  • Just right-click!
  • Josh nailing configurations
  • OpenAi Announcements - GPTs
  • Chatter.dev - Fusion connection
  • Fusion 360 > Fusion
  • New hire cultural inductions, getting better every time
  • QR Code


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Jem Freeman

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Justin Brouillette

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